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If you remember correctly last week Jazz Paladin took a look at our hottest review in quite sometime. In case you missed it check out his take of Dungeons of Infinity! Prefer to find out about it via video? See what Harry thought during his Play-Through of Dungeons of Infinity Review here or the image below!

We also took a look at a few other games since we last talked. In case you missed them click the name of the game or the images below!

JAZZ PALADIN gave us a thurough look at something hitting Kickstarter at the end of August. You're not going to want to miss his Old Salt Kickstarter Preview!

We have a new reviewer! Carl King took a look at 2 games this week. One of them at the writing of his review was #55 on BGG's Hotness + it has an expansion coming out later this year! See what Carl thought in both his Lost Ruins of Arnak Review(Currently #6 on BGG's HOTNESS!!!!) & The Silver River Review.

Have you ever posted a review to BGG to only have them say nah? Well not at EBG! If you'd like to have your review(s) posted on Everything Board Games (Note: Review must be family friendly in nature and non-political to be considered.) Interested? Send me an email with your review and at least one image!

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Here are some Game Projects you should check out!

Republic of Jungle: A Social Deduction Party Game
Publisher: Gerdoo Games
Designer: Kasra Rahimi and Moein Pahlavan
Number of Players: 5-10
Ages: 10+
Time: 10-60 Minutes
Republic of Jungle is a social deduction party game that lets 5 to 10 players role-play as the advisors of President Puma. In a battle of wit and wile, Loyalists try to identify the Leakers among them. Inspired by games like Avalon and Secret Hitler, RoJ adds new flavor and mechanical depth to the genre.

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